[Ontbirds]Black-Crowned Night Heron pair, Mud Lake, Ottawa

Michael Broughton mwbroughton at rogers.com
Fri Jun 15 21:28:16 EDT 2007

Made a quick stop at Mud Lake on my way home this afternoon and encountered a pair of black-crowned night herons. The first I found in the bay to the left of the dock along the west side of the lake. As I moved closer for better pictures (damn my short zoom!) it took off South towards the area of the footbridge. I then found the other further north in the trees just after the entrance to the west side path as I was heading north out to the car immediately therafter. As I did not see the first heron circle back across the lake, I assume this to be a second sighting.
Pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/silliopolous/ 
Directions to this Site: In Ottawa from Highway 417 take the Greenbank & Pinecrest Roads exit turning north onto Pinecrest Road. Follow Pinecrest Road north 0.8 km from here to Richmond Road. Turn right onto Richmond and go 0.5 km, crossing Carling Avenue, to Poulin Avenue. Turn left or north onto Poulin and go 0.6 km to where a left only turn puts you on Howe Street. Follow Howe west 0.2 km to Britannia Road. Turn right or north onto Britannia Road and proceed 0.8 km to t-junction at Cassels Street. Turn right or east onto Cassels. Park along the road by the turnstile to the west of Mud lake for access to the western path, or continue on to the small lot before the filtration plant.


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