[Ontbirds] June 16, Saturday, Waterfront Trail, Thicksons to Lynde Shores

Don Sands gentlewolfe2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 17:56:45 EDT 2007

Don Sands here...
  My earlier post failed to mention the time for the Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow? sighting. It was Saturday afternoon, June 16.
  Other birds of interest noted that afternoon:
  Pheasants. Several were heard calling. Two near the east end of the zone and two at Lynde Shores' Levay Trail area. 
  Marsh Wren. At the storm pond east of Lynde Shores. (The one with a trail going around the pond.) This is along the subdivision walk east of the marsh. The wren was singing vigorously.
  Black-crowned Night Heron at the East end of the Lynde Shores marsh, in flight.
  Bobolinks at Lynde Shores' Levay Trail; Several observed, both sexes.
  Also noted:
  Yellow Iris were in full bloom in the Lynde Shores marsh, very notable along the board walk.

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