[Ontbirds]Sedge Wrens, etc. west of Ottawa

Paul.Matthews at statcan.ca Paul.Matthews at statcan.ca
Mon Jun 18 11:02:23 EDT 2007

My apologies for the lateness of this post. The information contained
should still be completely relevant.

Yesterday morning turned out to be a good one for seeing some of
Ottawa's scarcer breeding birds.

An earlyish (7:30 AM) visit to the wet grassy field on the north side of
#4104 Torbolton Ridge Rd found the Sedge Wrens in good voice, with
several singing. One particularly cooperative individual that was
relatively close to the road frequently perched in the open for superb
views with the scope. At one point a Black-billed Cuckoo flew by at this

After a bit of a search I was able to locate an adult Red-headed
Woodpecker at the Old Burn site in Constance Bay. The bird was not in
the Old Burn itself but in the adjacent woods. Heading north on the dirt
track that is the continuation of Whistler past the Richie intersection,
do not take the path on the left that goes directly into the burned
area, but instead take the path on the left that's 100-200 metres
further down. At one point this path divides, with the left-hand fork
going towards the back of some cottages and the right-hand one heading
deeper into the woods. The bird was on the latter fork a few metres in.
There was also an adult male Pileated feeding an apparently recently
fledged juvenile male pileated in the same spot.

Back on the Dunrobin Rd I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 Upland
Sandpipers a few hundred metres south of the turnoff to Constance Bay.
They were perched on posts on the east side of Dunrobin.

By the time I got to the Bill Mason Centre it was 10AM and already hot.
There wasn't too much action here but I did see what I assume was a
Willow Flycatcher among the Alders. It was close by and giving a soft
"whit" call, but it refused to "fitzbew" for me.

Paul Matthews, Ottawa

Directions: Take 417 west, exit north onto March Rd, go 7 km or so,
Dunrobin Rd is on the right. Several kms to the north, Torbolton Ridge
parallels the Dunrobin Rd 2 roads over to the west. #4104 is a few
hundred metres south of Kilmaurs Side Rd. The Bill Mason Centre is
behind West Carleton Secondary School on the east side of Dunrobin Rd
north of the Thomas Dolan Parkway.

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