[Ontbirds]Loggerhead Shrikes and more - Carden Alvar

Iain Fleming iaindmfleming at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 22 19:13:57 EDT 2007

Visited on June 21st, 8am to 12pm

Notable Species:
2 (maybe 3) Loggerhead Shrikes - behind bluebird box #10
15 Upland Sandpipers
4 Grasshopper Sparrows (many more heard)
5 Eastern Bluebirds
3 Sedge Wrens - Sedge Wren Marsh
1 American Bittern - Sedge Wren Marsh
1 Alder Flycatcher (heard only)
Many Savannah Sparrows, Bobolinks, Meadowlarks
Also saw Snowshoe Hare, Eastern Cottontail and Fisher.

Directions from Norm Murr:

Wylie Road is north of Kirkfield in Victoria County and Kirkfield  
itself is
on County Road 48 east of Highway 12 and well north of Whitby and  
about 130
km from Toronto if you follow the roads and not a Crow.

 From the centre of Kirkfield go north on County Road 6 passing under  
Lift Lock on the Trent Canal and drive about 2 ½ km further north to  
the road curves left or west. On this curve and on your right is  
McNamee Rd,
turn right here onto McNamee and drive east for about 300 yards and  
you will
be at Wylie Road. This road is about 9 ½ km long ending at Alvar Rd (a T
intersection). Birding can be good on this road as well, either way.

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