[Ontbirds]Rainy River Birds

Hugh Currie currie_hugh at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 24 11:22:34 EDT 2007

    Bob Carswell. Richard Pope and I have just returned from 3 days birding at Rainy River. It was my third visit to the area, the first for the other two and it is definitely not a vintage year. They had a drought through May and early June with the result that there were no Yellow Rails anywhere and very few Le Conte's Sparrows. In addition no-one has found Western Kingbirds to this point. 
    On the other hand, White Pelicans and Black-billed Magpies were present in good numbers and Windy Point produced lots of Franklin's Gulls and nesting Piping Plovers. Marbled Godwits seem to be nesting again. We turned up a few Sharp-tailed Grouse and Western  Meadowlarks were everywhere. The  three  days were marked with high winds and cold weather so that species like Connecticut Warbler became hard to find. 
    Many thanks to Dan Lee of Lethbridge, Alta and Dave Elder for their assistance in locating the birds   Hugh Currie
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