[Ontbirds]Holland Landing Least Bittern on Territory - Protectable?

RON FLEMING flemingron at rogers.com
Sun Jun 24 19:29:12 EDT 2007

As noted in my post from yesterday regarding Moorhens and Bitterns in the Newmarket area, the threatened marsh area is along Hochreiter Road between Bradford and Holland Landig is currently hosting (and perhaps has previously) at least one Least Bittern on territory in breeding season.  
  The bird was seen again today by Rod and Denise Potter along with Keith Dunn.  This marks the sixth occasion (that I am aware of) on which the bird has been observed at Hochreiter since May 20th, so its status as at least a probable nester is in place.  Does anyone know if the presence of this species makes the wetland saveable?  Basic inforamtion regarding the impending loss of this wetland was mentioned in my post yesterday:
  Cruelly, this single lane road with very good marsh habitat (and 
excellent flooded fields for waterfowl in spring) will be seriously 
impacted - if not totally bulldozed - by the four-lane "Bradford Bypass" 
slated for construction in 2012.  This "connector" will link Hwys. 400 and 
404.  Any millionaire naturalists out there interested in buying some 
ecologically sensitive land before it's too late?
  Ron Fleming, Newmarket
  Newmarket is halfway between Toronto and Barrie.  Hochreiter Road 
runs west from Bathurst Street (the north part of Bathurst beyond 
Queensville Sdrd., I should point out).

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