[Ontbirds]The Carden Alvar / Kirkfield Ontario

ray barlow raymondjbarlow at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 24 21:56:23 EDT 2007

We spent the weekend camping at Balsam lake PP, very nice place, and birded Wylie Road, and also spent some time with a pair of Osprey just east of Kirkfield, on Hwy 48.  The highlights for me were the Wilson's Snipe, and the Uplands Sandpiper., and my first view of the Least Flycatcher.

A Grasshopper Sparrow entertained us for a while on the first evening, and back at the camp, a pair of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were making their rounds through the trees around our RV., along with a White-throated Sparrow singing its heart out!  It was a very enjoyable weekend, thank you to everyone for all the posts concerning this area, and helping me make up my mind where to shoot!

here are a few of the several hundred images


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