[Ontbirds]Bronte Red-necked Grebes

Gavin Edmondstone sue-gavin at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 29 22:02:19 EDT 2007

The Red-necked Grebes nesting in Bronte Harbour are continuing to incubate. 
As of this evening there were a total of five eggs. Four of these eggs are 
heavily soiled and one is fairly white indicating that it was only laid a 
few days ago.

There has obviously been some egg loss. On June 10 there were seven eggs. 
They have been incubating since at least May 7. We heard a third-hand report 
that there was a hatching two weeks ago by that the chick was taken by a 

An Osprey flew by while we were watching the grebes.

Directions: Exit the QEW at Bronte Rd. (Oakville) and go to the lake and 
turn left, the only option. The nest is just east of the Lighthouse 

Gavin Edmondstone
Oakville, Ontario 

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