[Ontbirds]Presqu'ile Peregrine

Doug McRae rdmcrae at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 16 10:23:31 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Bill Gilmour and I saw an immature (probably female) Peregrine around  
7:30 a.m. today at Presqu'ile, flying from Gull Island to Owen Pt.   
There are no nesting birds near us so this is likely a migrant from  
somewhere.  There was also an immature male Cooper's passing by the  
mudflats.  Shorebirds included 1 ad Bb Plover, 3a, 1j Semi Plover, 4u  
Killdeer, 1a,3j Spotted S/p. 2j Lesser Yellowlegs, 1ad. Sanderling  
(looks ill, possibly botulisim), about 20 Least S/p (too far to age  
but most yesterday were juv.), 1 ad Bon Gull.  Most of the shorebirds  
were feeding on the wet gravel in the gap between Gull Island and the  
gravel bar between Gull and Owen Pt. - only a few were on the natural  
beach.  For the first time in many years, extensive sandbars are  
beginning to form offshore from the natural beach near Owen Pt.   
Historically speaking, these bars were excellent for shorebirds and  
small gulls and terns when they last regularly formed in the mid and  
late 1980's. This could become quite interesting as the water level  
drops exposing even more habitat.  There were lots of Caspians there  
this morning which made for great viewing and listening.

Directions:  Presqu'ile is located south of Brighton, on the north  
shore of Lake Ontario.  From Hwy. 401, take the only Brighton exit  
and head south 5 km into town.  From there, follow the Provincial  
Park signs.


Doug McRae

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