[Ontbirds]Shorebirds at Aylmer SP and Aylmer WMA, Aug 19

Dave Martin damartin at xplornet.com
Sun Aug 19 12:31:36 EDT 2007

Both Aylmer Lagoons and Aylmer Wildlife Management Area [aka Aylmer 
Police College] have excellent conditions for shorebirds. Aylmer 
lagoons had 300+ shorebirds and Aylmer WMA had 100+ shorebirds 
including all of the expected species reported in numbers at other 
sites.  Pectoral, Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers have increased 
greatly since our last visit on Aug 5. Solitary Sandpipers and 
Semipalmated Plovers are down since Aug 5. No Greater Yellowlegs were 
seen at either location.

Highlights at Aylmer lagoons included....

2 juv Red-necked Phalaropes
2 juv Wilson's Phalaropes
1 Stilt Sandpiper
2 Baird's Sandpipers
2 Short-billed Dowitchers
3 Great Egrets [no leg bands]
1 male Ring-necked Duck [rather early for Elgin County]

We did not see anything unusual at Aylmer WMA today although it was 
hard to see past the 500+ Canada Geese that are present.  This 
species has begun "migrating" down here from the Greater  Toronto 
waterfront each year in late July.

These two sites are located in central Elgin County northwest and 
northeast of Aylmer.

Directions to Aylmer WMA:
Exit 203 south from 401 on Hwy 73 to College Line. Turn east/left on 
College and drive to Hacienda.  Turn south/right and drive past the 
Ontario Police College to the entrance at the south end. Follow the 
access road to the viewing stands.

Directions to Aylmer Sewage Lagoons
 From Aylmer WMA drive south on Hacienda to Glencolin.  Turn 
west/right on Glencolin and drive through Hwy 73 to Rodgers Road. 
Turn left/south and the sewage lagoons are on the right.  Be advised 
the lagoons are posted NO TRESPASSING so early morning, late 
afternoon or weekend visits are best.  In 30 years we've only been 
asked to leave once by maintenance staff. If you are asked to leave 
please do so without being confrontational.

Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski
Harrietsville, ON
damartin at xplornet.com

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