[Ontbirds]OFO field trip- Durham Region

Rayfield Pye raypye at interlinks.net
Sun Aug 19 22:05:05 EDT 2007

OFO Field Trip- Durham Wetlands
Sunday, August 19

participants- 22 (one visitor from Arizona)

Highlights: All of the wetlands had shorebird habitat. 
Willet-1  Cranberry Marsh
Short-billed Dowitcher- 2  Cranberry Marsh
Black-bellied Plover- 2     Cranberry Marsh
Merlin- 1  (being chased by a flock of peeps)  Pumphouse Marsh
Osprey- 4 migrants, 2- locals
Red-headed Woodpeckers- 3  Whitby Mental Centre
total species 87 (including 13 shorebirds)

Next field trip- Sunday, August 26, leader Dave Milsom

Rayfield Pye
raypye at interlinks.net

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