[Ontbirds] Red-headed Woodpeckers, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher near Ottawa

PETER HALL halljp at rogers.com
Mon Aug 27 08:03:19 EDT 2007

Hi Ontbirders:
  Yesterday (August 26) early afternoon, I visited the site of the resident Red-headed Woodpeckers at Constance Bay, near Ottawa. The pair of adults were active in the dead trees at the area where a fire had killed many of these trees a number of years ago. At the same location, a yellow-bellied Flycatcher perched regularly up in the dead trees giving good views of his yellowish front and calling occasionally. Also present, circling over the trees, was a Cooper's Hawk being harassed by a pair of kingbirds. A short distance away, a migrating Common Nighthawk with its gyrating flight flew erratically high up in the sky.
  Good birding
  Peter Hall
  Directions from NeilyWorld Birding:
  From Highway 417 (The Queensway) take exit 138 (Eagleson/March Roads). If travelling west, the 0.6 km offramp sends you right or north onto March Road. If driving east, a 0.4 km offramp brings you to Eagleson Road, where you will turn left or north onto it and in 0.5 km join the westbound offramp traffic on March Road (it changed names as you went under the overpass). Both groups will now follow March Road northwest 8.0 km to Dunrobin Road. Turn right or north onto Dunrobin and go northwest 15.5 km to Constance Bay Road. Turn right or northeast on it to begin the Constance Bay segment of our route. Next,turn left off Constance Bay Road 1.5 km northeast of Dunrobin Road onto Allbirch Road and drive 1.3 km northwest to the "T" junction at Bishop Davis Drive. Turn left or southwest onto Bishop Davis and in 0.3 km turn right or northwest onto Bayview Drive. Follow Bayview Drive 1.5 km to Ritchie Street and turn right or northeast onto it. Go 0.2 km to Whistler Road and turn
 left or northwest on it. Drive 0.3 km and watch for a gate on the right or northeast side. The trail through the burn area is on the left or southwest side, opposite the gate. Parking is limited. Beware the abundance of poison ivy in this area.

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