[Ontbirds]Western Kingbird Rondeau PP

Scott Connop turaco at ebtech.net
Thu Aug 30 18:48:36 EDT 2007

A Western Kingbird was perched in a dead tree on the Rondeau Bay side of the Marsh trail in Rondeau Provincial Park
at 2PM today. The bird was found approximately 50 meters from the trailhead gate and parking lot on Water Street opposite two adjacent cottages (one with a small dish mounted above the back porch). When we returned on the trail it was not present, and, presumably in this wind, it could be found anywhere along the inside bay part of the park on the Mash trail, or perhaps towards the park gate.

The park was quite active with songbird migrants and active resident species, and a Merlin and imm. Broad-winged Hawk to liven up the proceedings.

Scott, Joe and Adam Connop, ON

Rondeau Park is located along the north shore of Lake Erie south-east of Blenheim.

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