[Ontbirds]Sep.2 at Cranberry-few raptors;among other songbirds

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Sun Sep 2 13:54:12 EDT 2007

If there were migrating hawks on this becalmed sunny morning they were most 
difficult to detect, unless they came in low; as per a juvenile BALD EAGLE 
at 1030, to the photographers' delight. Over 3 hours we counted only 8 
migrating raptors (see table below).
Among the songbirds were--black-billed cuckoo, several rose-breasted 
grosbeaks, black-throated green warbler, Wilson's warbler, OVENBIRD, 
Am.redstart, c.yellowthroat, swamp sparrow, white-throated sparrow, red-eyed 
vireo, SCARLET TANAGER, Baltimore oriole, red-breasted nuthatch. On the 
wetland--6 Great Egrets (no leg bands), many Great Blue herons, 8 
Black-crowned Night Herons, 4 Green herons.  Sunday, August 26, 2007 at CMRW

--Observation time--8am to 11am(hawk-time)
Counter--Rayfield Pye; listed Observers -Pat Schleiffer, Jim Skene, Skip 
Shand, Karl Jennewein, Jim Munroe, John Stirrat

                                      Day's Count    TOTAL
Turkey Vulture                        0               2
Osprey                                    1             50
Bald Eagle                             1               5
Northern Harrier                    0                9
Sharp-shinned                       3                97
Cooper's                                0                2
Northern Goshawk                0                0
Red-shouldered                    0                0
Broad-winged                        0                14
Red-tailed                               0                10
Rough-legged                        0                0
Golden Eagle                        0                0
American Kestrel                  3              48
Merlin                                      0                3
Peregrine                                0                0
Unidentified                            0                8

TOTAL                                    8            248

Weather--sunny; 24C, calm; TUV=2

>From the west--Exit 401 at Salem Rd. in Ajax, south to Bayly, east through 
Lakeridge Rd., one block to Hall's Rd., south towards the lake, parking at 
the entrance to the south pathway.
>From the east--Exit 401 at Brock St. in Whitby, south to Victoria, west past 
the Lynde C.A. parking lot to Hall's Rd.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby, ON
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