[Ontbirds] American White Pelican still at Hamilton's Cootes Paradise

Rob Dobos rdobos at cogeco.ca
Mon Oct 8 13:04:53 EDT 2007

This morning (October 8) at about 10:45 a.m. I saw the American White
Pelican at Hamilton's Cootes Paradise (aka Dundas Marsh).  I was viewing
from the North Shore Trails of the Royal Botanical Gardens below the
Arboretum and the bird was swimming with the many cormorants near Hickory
Island.  There were also 7 Great Egrets and many Great Blue Herons around
the island.

Later, at about 11:20, while leaving the RBG Arboretum, I spotted the
pelican soaring high with Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks towards the
east, guessing they would have been over the Hwy 403 and Hwy 6 interchange.
I think that the pelican will return to the marsh at some point, as it has
been seen soaring about on previous days by others.

Directions (to the RBG Arboretum):  From Hwy 403 /Hwy 6 interchange, go
north on Hwy 6 and at the stop lights, turn right onto Plains Rd.  Follow
this down to the lights at York Blvd/Plains Rd and turn right onto York
Blvd.  Go to Old Guelph Rd, turn right, follow it down and under the Hwy 403
then up the hill.  Turn left into the entrance to the RBG Arboretum
(entrance fee for non-members).  Park near the Nature Centre and take the
trail behind it down to Captain Cootes Trail.  Go west on this trail and
look out onto the marsh at various vantage points.

Rob Dobos
Dundas, ON
rdobos at cogeco.ca

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