[Ontbirds]Myiarchus Flycatcher, Prince Edward Point BO

DOKINES1 at aol.com DOKINES1 at aol.com
Mon Oct 8 13:29:37 EDT 2007

Hi All,
        just a heads up that we have a pale Myiarchus flycatcher hanging 
around at Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory this morning. This bird is showing 
signs of being a possible Ash-throated Flycatcher. 
     The bird is only feeding out in the open (from the telephone wires) and 
has not been seen in the woods, and it appears to be feeding on wasps. It has 
an all black bill with no obvious sign of a yellow base although there may be 
a small patch (<1mm) at the very base of the lower mandible and it appears 
smaller billed than a Great-crested's. The chin and throat are a very contrasting 
grayish-white and the bib is a pale grey almost washed with a silvery white, 
the belly is slightly darker than the picture in sibley but much paler than 
any Great-crested, and the tail and wings do not show any obvious rufous patch. 
The bird has been seen by at least four different people during the morning 
and the conclusion is that it is not a great-crested Flycatcher but its exact ID 
remains to be decided. The bird is hanging about, but is moving around a lot 
around the observatory building and also along the northern edge of the woods 
(follow the John Rymes memorial trail to the right of the banding lab) and is 
perching often on the telephone wires, it does have a nasty habit of 
disappearing for 1/2 an hour or so at a time.

                                        David Okines
                                        Station Manager

To get to prince Edward Point turn south off of the 401 at junctions 525, 543 
or 566 and head south towards Picton, Follow County road 8   at the eastern 
end of Picton (opposite the Tip of the Bay motel) to the junction of the 17 
take this road, then head towards Black river on CR 16 turn south (right) and 
follow CR 13 to the end, the Bird Observatory is 2km along the gravel road and 
has a Canadian flag and big blue CWS sign outside of it. MapArt book page 35, 
section G-53   

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