[Ontbirds]Avocet - Cuddy Pond, Strathroy, ON

Jack Lorimer lorimer at uwo.ca
Mon Oct 8 18:11:51 EDT 2007

This Thanksgiving afternoon about 4 p.m. we found an American Avocet and 
a D-C Cormorant among a dozen Killdeer and over three dozen Canada Geese 
in Cuddy Pond.

Directions: Go west on Hwy 402, exit south at Hwy 81. Go to 1st traffic 
light (Mullifary  Rd). Turn right. Go about 1/2 km to rhe pond on the N. 
side of Mullifary.
For further viewing of waterfowl migration, continue W. on Mullifary to 
1st intersection (Pike Rd). Turn left, follow Pike Rd past Napperton Rd 
and railway tracks to Strathroy lagoons (entry permitted for birders). 
This afternoon there were Redhead, Ruddy, Ringneck, Blue-winged Teal, as 
well as Mallards and lots of geese.

Jack & Shirley Lorimer
London, ON

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