[Ontbirds] Trumpeter Swan, Ross's Goose and others, Lake Traverse, Algonquin Park

Jeff Skevington jeff_skevington at yahoo.ca
Mon Oct 8 22:32:47 EDT 2007

Angela, Alexander and I are just back from two
excellent days canoeing and birding on Lake Traverse
in Algonquin Park. Highlights are as follows:
Sunday October 7th:
Cackling Goose (3 ~ 3rd park record), Bald Eagle (1),
Merlin (1), Peregrine Falcon (1 adult chasing
Ring-necked Duck), Le Conte's Sparrow (1), Nelson's
Sharp-tailed Sparrow (4) and Red Crossbill (2). The
sparrows are in the wetland at the south-central end
of the lake. Both species appear to be regular in
there this time of year. Boots are recommended but
waders are not necessary this year because of low

Today (Monday October 8th):
Snow Goose (50 - both Greater and Lessers), Ross's
Goose (1 - first park record), Trumpeter Swan (2 -
first park record), Northern Shoveler (1),
Green-winged Teal (57), Surf Scoter (1), White-winged
Scoter (4), Red-breasted Merganser (11), Horned Grebe
(1), Greater Yellowlegs (1), Pectoral Sandpiper (1),
Dunlin (2) and an early Snow Bunting (1). Most of the
birds were at the south end of the lake either in or
near the marsh. The Geese flew over in one flock.

Lake Traverse is on the east side of Algonquin. The
nearest towns are Petawawa and Pembroke. Take the Sand
Lake Road to the access point for Travsere. It is near
km marker 72 (about an hour in from the highway).

Autumn birding at Traverse is typically best on rainy
or overcast days although species like Nelson's
Sharp-tailed Sparrow are likely possible most days
right now. Typical northern birds like Gray Jays, and
Black-backed Woodpecker were also seen. There were few
finches (a few siskins and the Red Crossbills).

Good birding,


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