[Ontbirds]Halls Road, Whitby, ON, please drive carefully

Lee Ellis sammielee at rogers.com
Mon Oct 8 22:22:46 EDT 2007

My sister and I were driving down Halls Road tonight, looking for deer.
There were hundreds of frogs on the road and it got so bad I had to get out
of the car as she crawled along with her high beams on, and every time we
spotted a frog I went over and clapped my hands so it would get off the
road.  This road is accessed by fellow birders as it runs by Cranberry
Marsh, so please, drive slowly, especially after it's rained.  At dusk and
beyond, the frogs can be seen fairly easily if they are facing the car but
with their backs turned, they looked like leaves.

Halls Road:  Exit 401 at Salem Road and go south to Bayly and then east.  It
runs south of Bayly.


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