[Ontbirds] Six Eared Grebes at Alfred Sewage Lagoons (Do not enter without permit)

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at magma.ca
Tue Oct 9 09:21:09 EDT 2007

I have never closely studied the Horned Grebe or the Eared Grebe in winter 
plumage before but by their upturned bill, the peak of the head over the 
eye, no whitish tip on bill, the fluffy rear feathers, the dusky neck and 
dark auriculars, these 6 grebes appear to be EARED GREBES. They have been 
here for the past few days but I could not get a detailed look at them until 
this morning.

All were seen from the birding tower at the south end of the lagoons.

I will post a few photos at this site early this afternoon:



 From the town of Alfred (east of Ottawa) go east on Highway 17, then turn 
south on Peat Moss Road and drive for 2 km. The lagoons are on your left 
(east side of road). The birds are best observed from the viewing tower.

 Access to the viewing tower is free and no permit is needed.
Entrance to the lagoons is prohibited unless in the possession of a valid 
ANNUAL PERMIT. The permit can be purchased on week days from the Alfred town 
office just beside the fire station. Arrangements can also be made to 
receive the permit by fax by contacting Richard Villeneuve at (613) 

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