[Ontbirds]Reesor Peregrine

STAN LONG stan.long at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 10 15:14:55 EDT 2007

   At Reesor Pond this afternoon, a big female Peregrine, killed a female
   Mallard.  Unable  to retrieve it from the water, it killed another and
   fed upon  it.  A  Great  Blue  Heron, neck feathers bristling, stopped
   close  by, preened itself then continued on, the falcon glaring at it.
   I saw no leg bands on the falcon. Other predators were one Roughlegged
   and one Redtailed Hawk.

   White-rumped      Sandpipers,      Dunlin,      Semi-palmated      and
   Black-bellied Plover   moved   through   this   weekend   while   many
   different migrating ducks showed up: Ruddy, Ring-necked etc.

   Reesor Pond lies just north of Hwy 407 on Reesor Road in Markham.

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