[Ontbirds]Re: Raptor Movement over Scarborough today

Siegmar Bodach sigipatti at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 11 22:42:30 EDT 2007

Today just after 12:30 p.m. while at one of my suppliers just north of 
the 401 near Markham Rd.
and Milner Ave. I observed a steady and continuous stream of Turkey 
Vultures moving west and
catching thermals. Within approx. 1 hr. I counted over 250+. 
Intermittently mixed in with the TV's
were several Buteos and Accipiters most were I believe Sharp-shinned 
Hawks (25+) and Red-tailed
Hawks(also 25+). The Sharpies were frequently diving down at the Butoes. 
Largest group of Butoes
together in a kettle was 5 and 4 Sharpies were in view at the same time. 
Given the sunny breaks many
caught onto thermals and drifted very high in the sky.
I decided to go to the Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch before my next 
appointment. Between 2pm and
3pm. I counted 131 TV's pass over the marsh. Also seen near the platform 
was the local Merlin (diving
at the owl decoy),Sharp-shinned Hawk and 1 Northern Harrier.
1 juv. Rusty Blackbird and what feel was a Fox Sparrow were among the 
numerous sparrows-mostly
white-throats and white-crownded  Sparrows.
On my way back into town I observed a male light phase Northern Harrier 
on Bayle just before Salem Rd.

Good birding,
Sigi Bodach
Aurora, ON

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