[Ontbirds] pine siskin, bluebird among many songbirds, 221 raptors at Cranberry-Oct.12

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Fri Oct 12 10:05:01 EDT 2007

Thanks to Sigi Bodach for covering the hawk watch at Cranberry in the early afternoon. I say thanks in advance to those who help while I am at Pelee this weekend.
On Oct.12--Jim Fairchild heard a Pine Siskin and Eastern Bluebird, while an orange-crowned warbler and Lincoln's sparrow were seen on the east side of the wetland.
Along the CMRW viewing platform path--Rusty Blackbird, Junco, Swainson's thrush, golden-crowned kinglet among many other songbirds.

CMRW for Oct.12-- 172 TV, 2 Osprey, 1 adult Bald Eagle, 1 unknown eagle, 5 N.Harriers, 25 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 2 Cooper's, 1 Broad-winged, 9 Red-tailed, 1 Am.Kestrel.
To date--7197 migrating raptors.

southwest Whitby, along Hall's Rd., accessed form Victoria St.

Doug Lockrey, coordinator CMRW

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