[Ontbirds]Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow - Port Weller, Niagara

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Fri Oct 12 19:36:47 EDT 2007

This afternoon I hit a couple spots on the Niagara Peninsula, with the  
highlight being a NELSON'S SHARP-TAILED SPARROW out towards the end of the east  
pier at Port Weller.  The bird was located in the grassy/shrubby area near  some 
stone rubble, about 20 meters before you reach the east bend in the pier  (or 
the "foot" of the pier).  Initially I was only able to  get several brief, 
poor looks, but after playing about 10 minutes of hide  and seek with the bird, 
I was finally able to get a close unobstructed look  at it sat at the base of 
small sapling.  I left the bird for several  minutes, but then could no longer 
re-find it in the vicinity of where I last saw  it, although no doubt it was 
still relatively close by.  Other birds around  were numerous Juncos, Song, 
White-throated, White-crowned, 3 Field, 1  Chipping, and 2+ Swamp Sparrows, 
Golden and Ruby-crowned  Kinglets, along with 4+ Winter Wrens and 2 Hermit  
Thrushes.   The lake was very quiet, save for a fly-by RED-THROATED  LOON and 
numerous of Cormorants.
Before getting to Port Weller, I stopped at the St. David's cannery ponds  on 
Line 8 Rd.  Water levels in the east pond close to the fence were still  low, 
and present were 35 Wilson's Snipe, 3 Lesser Yellowlegs, 2 Dunlin, 2 Least  
Sandpiper, and 11 Pectoral Sandpipers.  Also numerous ducks including GW  Teal, 
Pintail, Black Duck and Mallards.  In the trees around the ponds  was a large 
flock of 20+ Yellow-rumped Warblers along with several sparrows  and 
kinglets.  The Avondale Ponds on Stewart Rd. just southeast of Port  Weller had some 
nice shorebird habitat, but the only birds present  were 1 Semi/Least Sandpiper 
and 5+ Pipits.
Jim Pawlicki
Amherst, NY
Port Weller East is located at the foot of the Welland Canal at Lake  Ontario 
and can be accessed from Seaway Haulage Rd. just north of Lakeshore  Rd. in 
the town of St. Catharines.

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