[Ontbirds] update - Eared Grebes at Alfred Sewage Lagoons, eastern Ontario

Christina Lewis hagenius at primus.ca
Sat Oct 13 16:38:15 EDT 2007

Hello ONTBIRDS people,

Today (Sat. 13 Oct.), Bob Bracken, Paul Mirsky, Jan Slumkoski, and I visited 
the Alfred sewage lagoons from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM, and saw (from the viewing 
tower on the south side of the east cell) 4 of the 6 EARED GREBES that were 
1st reported here by Jacques Bouvier on 10 Oct. In spite of the chilly 
conditions (not much above zero degrees C.) and poor light (heavy cloud 
cover) we had excellent views of the 4 grebes.  They were very actively 
swimming and diving and keeping fairly close company, close to the 
vegetation along the eastern shore of the east cell. They were still present 
when we left.  Also at this site were 12 spp. of waterfowl including small 
numbers of Northern Shoveler, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Redhead 
and Common Goldeneye and a very large number of Ruddy Ducks, as well as a 
Common Moorhen and impressive number of American Coots.

 DIRECTIONS (courtesy of Jacques Bouvier):

>From the town of Alfred (east of Ottawa) go east on Highway 17, then turn 
south on Peat Moss Road and drive for 2 km. The lagoons are on your left 
(east side of road). The birds are best observed from the viewing tower.

Access to the viewing tower is FREE and no permit is needed. Entrance to the 
lagoons is prohibited unless in the possession of a valid ANNUAL PERMIT. The 
permit can be purchased on week days from the Alfred town office just beside 
the fire station. Arrangements can also be made to receive the permit by fax 
by contacting Richard Villeneuve at (613)  679-2292.

Great Fall Birding to all!
Chris Lewis
Ottawa, ON
hagenius at primus.ca

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