[Ontbirds]Barred Owl - Amherst Island

otoole at kos.net otoole at kos.net
Sat Oct 13 16:48:43 EDT 2007

Spent a couple of hours in owl wood's this morning, located one Barred Owl
just off the main trail past the bird feeders. Two Long-Eared Owl's in the
Jack Pine Plantation, NO Saw-Whet's seen. See link for barred owl image.


Note: Sign at location indicates Owl Wood's is closed for public safety
due to deer hunting from Nov 24 - Dec 9.

Amherst Island is 16 km west of Kingston. Take exit # 593 from Highway
401, proceed south on County Road #4 (formerly Highway 133) to Millhaven
on Lake Ontario, the ferry dock is 200m west on Hwy 33 (Bath Road). A
round trip costs $8.00. When you get off the ferry and drive up to the
stop sign, proceed straight through on Stella Forty-foot Rd., to the south
end, at the lake.  Turn left, and drive to the intersection of the
Marshall forty-foot Rd. (immediately east of 2090 South Shore Road).
Proceed 1.3 km north to the S-curve. Walk north-east on the trails.

Paul O'Toole

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