[Ontbirds]Evening & Pine Grosbeaks, etc. - York Region

RON FLEMING flemingron at rogers.com
Sat Nov 3 12:36:02 EDT 2007

Over the past two weeks Evening Grosbeaks have continued to visit Lorena Campbell's feeders in Willow Beach, which is located just west of Jackson's Point on the south shore of Lake Simcoe.  My timing for these grosbeaks was off today (had to settle for Pine Siskins) but I did happen upon three female Pine Grosbeaks several kms south of this location.  The latter grosbeaks were perched in a tree on the west side of Kennedy Road, about a km south of Baseline Road, south of green sign #26121.  Between this location and Metro Road I stopped to watch a flock of 49 Wild Turkeys foraging in a field on the west side of Kennedy, roughly across from the fenced off hydro station at green sign #26505.  Three of the turkeys were feeding in a tangle of wild grapes, up in the vines.  A hunter in full camo was perched in a high seat at the edge of the woodlot, apparently as put off by my presence as I was at his.
  Both Willow Beach and Franklin Beach held numerous waterfowl - mainly Canada Geese -but I counted 33 Common Loons and 11 Horned Grebes during several stops.  
  On the way back to Newmarket I checked out the Holland Landing area.  There was one male Hooded Merganser spicing up the otherwise monotonous ranks of Canada Geese at Soldier's Bay (north side of Queensville Sdrd.) and, at the northern terminus of Bathurst Street (green sign #21535) a female Merlin was intently watching a field full of Snow Buntings (approx. 300 birds).
  Ron Fleming, Newmarket
  York Region is between Toronto and Barrie, running south from the southern shoreline of Lake Simcoe.

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