[Ontbirds]Ottawa "Oregon" Junco - May be two

Bev McBride foxsparrow01 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 26 07:46:01 EST 2007

Dear Ontbirders, This note is to alert Ottawa observers that there may be two "Oregon"-type Juncos kicking around the Fletcher Wildlife Garden area.  
Thanks to Wilson Hum's great photo of the Nov 23-25 bird, I don't think it's the one I saw Nov 12.  On that bird the black hood did not taper down to a point on the breast, but extended downward at less of an angle, ending more bluntly (very much like a squared-off beard); the rusty colour on the flanks was much less extensive, seeming to end roughly even with the "shoulder", with the whitish colour of the bird's underside extending up between the wing and hood/bib.  I can send a distant photo to anyone interested who contacts me off list. Again, this is meant simply as a "heads-up", not to foment "chat" on Ontbirds.  :)
Directions to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden can be found at:http://www.ofnc.ca/fletcher/location.php
Very best to all,
Bev McBride  
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