Dave Lord davelo at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 27 15:55:35 EST 2007

There has been a flock of about twenty Pine Grosbeaks in the Cathedral Pines area of Horseshoe Valley over the past week. Last seen about noon today. They are all of the "Russet" variety as described in Sibley. They are best located by listening for their song and then looking up into the high Red Pine or Norway Spruces that frequent the area. Once, they came to the road surface, where I was able to obtain a fairly accurate count.

To reach Cathedral Pines take the Horseshoe Valley road;- second exit beyond Barrie, on Highway 400 head east to Horseshoe Valley. Pass the resort which is on your right, continue to the top of the hill, and turn left into the Cathedral Pines area which consists of a one mile loop road in a residential area. 

Beware. The roads can be treacherous here this time of year!

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