[Ontbirds]Northern Goshawk - Ottawa area

Heather Pickard h.pickard at rogers.com
Thu Dec 6 15:02:21 EST 2007

While returning from a run up Route 148 on the Quebec side of the Ottawa 
River to Lac la Peche road, a sub-adult Northern Goshawk was spotted perched 
in a tree by the road (Route 148) north of Eardley. I  apologize that I 
cannot be more specific about the location.  I got so excited and tried to 
get a photo that I forgot to notice exactly where I was. It was close to 
11:30 am.  Earlier at the Deschenes Rapids lookout area on the Quebec side 
an Adult Bald Eagle was on the ice edge in  the river north of the rapids 
and one White-winged Scoter was seen in among the dozens of Common 
Goldeneye.  Another birder mentioned that there were actually three adult 
Bald eagles in this area earlier that morning. I was there about 9am.

Good birding,
Heather Pickard.

Directions courtesy NeilyWorld Birding page:

Deschenes Rapids:

Eardley area:

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