[Ontbirds]NO NiagFallsNY Ross' Gull

Jerry Lazarczyk lazarcg1 at netzero.net
Mon Jan 28 13:15:11 EST 2008

At 1 PM David Wheeler reported that he cannot find the Ross' Gull. No one is on Goat Island overlooking the Falls near the restaurant. The sun is out and quite bright making visibility very difficult. He can see birders on the Canadian side and they are looking around, not focused on a bird. This is the Ross' Gull found yesterday (Sunday) by Willie D'Anna. Quite a few birders, some from PA and NYC areas, saw the bird this morning as found by Pawlicki upriver of Goat island then Pawlicki refound the bird overlooking the Falls. Then the bird flew around, putting on a fine aerial show, then landed way out on the river towards the Canadian side where only the head was visible. It is expected that the bird will remain in the area.

Jerry Lazarczyk
Grand Island NY
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