[Ontbirds]Ross's gull Canadian side in afternoon

Winnie Poon winniepoon at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 28 19:02:51 EST 2008

   Today,  28  January,  I  arrived  at  the  Falls around  14:00,  to my
   disappointment there  were  no  birders  there  as  I  drove up to the
   Engineering  Building, the  place  looked  deserted, only saw a single
   birder,  Jeff  Gilbreath from Hamilton walking down the road, together
   we  looked  for  the  gull  from  the  south side look-out spot of the
   Engineering  Building;  after about 15 minutes I found the Ross's gull
   on the ice about 100m off the Canadian side with some Bonis, we looked
   at  the  gull  for  maybe 5 to 8 minutes when it flew upstream and was

   During  that  time  I  tried  to  bring attention to the American side
   birders  several times by holding up my arms and jumping a little bit,
   guess  they  did not see me. I also mentioned to Jeff if he could send
   messages  to  them.  Also  all  that time we were not aware of nor saw
   other  people/birders  in  the  vicinity,  at least from where we were

   Direactions: The Engineering Building is across the road from the Bird
   Aviary parking lot which is free at this time.

   Winnie Poon [1]winniepoon at sympatico.ca Richmond Hill


   1. mailto:winniepoon at sympatico.ca

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