[Ontbirds]Annoucement - Temporary LIstserve for Ross's Gull

Mark Cranford mark.cranford at rogers.com
Wed Jan 30 06:54:16 EST 2008


Currently there are a lot of people out there who would to see our most 
cooperative Ross's Gull.  Willie D'Anna and I have put together a 
disposable email list for posting additional information, requests for 
car pooling, exchange of cell numbers, links to photos etc etc.

It is beta and may not work as anticipated. It is wide open, anyone can 
post, anyone can read the list on the web. You will have to subscribe to 
receive email messages.

The list can be viewed at 

Messages can be sent to  <"ontario_listers"@yahoogroups.com>

Remember ONTBIRDS as well as other regional lists are still tracking 
this bird and need to hear its current status.  This list is only 
intended for requests for information and discussion that would flood 
the larger lists and its posting guidelines.

A downside of an open list like this that it will generate SPAM (stuff 
that rhymes with Niagra). As such the list will be disabled once the 
bird is gone.  It may resurface with future birds. But this is an 
experiment so feedback is welcome.

Mark Cranford
Mississauga, Ont.

mark.cranford at rogers dot com

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