[Ontbirds]Snowy Owl at Col. Sam Smith Park, Etobicoke

John Millman alexandra5 at cogeco.ca
Fri Feb 8 15:42:18 EST 2008

Graham Jones, Carl Brouwer and I made a trip to Sam Smith Park, Etobicoke, this morning to look for the Snowy Owl reported last week by Wayne Renaud.  We were fortunate to meet a lady who had just seen it land at the far (south) end of the first row of boat docks in the marina.  We watched it for nearly two hours, during which time it did not open its eyes; nor did it move from that location.  It was still there when we left at about 1:00 pm.

John Millman

Directions (per Wayne Renaud) : 
The parking lot for the park is located at the terminus of  the road that
continues off the south end of Kipling  Avenue where it meets Lakeshore Boulevard
(at Humber Campus).

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