[Ontbirds]Horned Larks in Simcoe County

Linda Crome lindacrome at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 12:20:47 EST 2008

 Horned larks have been spotted on Hwy. 11 south of Barrie, between Hwy 88
and Hwy 89 and on Hwy 27 south of Innisfill beach road. Linda Crome Brereton
Field Naturalists
               March 11 Saturday 9:00 AM
    Horned Larks and Tiffin Pancakes
  Trip Guide - Brian Gibbon
 Kitchen - John Doll and Beth Doll
    Meet at Little Lake Park
Horned Larks are migrating through our area at this time of year.  Searching
the local fields in the Minesing Flood plain may turn up Snow Buntings,
Lapland Longspurs, Rough-Legged Hawks and the odd Snowy Owl as well. Then we
are off to the Tiffin Conservation Centre for a pancakes and sausage lunch.
 NOTE: *Remember to bring your own dishes and cutlery. *

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