[Ontbirds]Merlin/Chatham Sightings

Rose Anne or Chad Faubert rctfaubert at ciaccess.com
Thu Mar 6 21:17:04 EST 2008

Hello all,  
Yesterday and today we saw a few red winged black birds in our backyard once again.   We are in Tilbury, Ontario,  pretty much in between Tilbury and Chatham, ON at the Merlin townline.     We have seen numerous tree sparrows, one song sparrow, juncos, common redpolls, red bellied woodpeckers, white breasted nutchatches, downy woodpeckers and many, many american gold finches.  

After 5 years of trying to lure eastern bluebirds with boxes etc, we're sooo hopeful that soon we will be able to get them in our backyard.  

P.s.  Cooper is still hanging around!!! (although I have only seen him 2x this week)     

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