[Ontbirds]Yellow-headed Blackbird and Red-bellied Woodpecker

Brian Young brian-young at storm.ca
Tue Mar 11 15:05:35 EDT 2008



Lise and I birded areas of Eastern Ontario this Monday, the Yellow-headed
Blackbird and Red-bellied Woodpecker is still visiting the bird feeder at
19275, concession 19 near Williamstown, north of Cornwall. The gentleman at
this resident keeps a couple of large bird feeders and onion sacks of suets
attracting large assortments of birds. These are probably the best fed birds
in the Cornwall region.

We also visited the Ste Rose area east of Casselman, although we did not see
any Snowy Owls, there was many flocks of Horned Larks, totalling more than a
hundred birds on concession 19 and 20 with a small number of Snow Buntings.

In the Alfred area we saw three different coveys of Grey Partridge numbering
between twenty to thirty birds as a combine total on Peat Bog Road and
Concession 10, small numbers of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings, along with
two Merlins.



Brian Young


DIRECTIONS, courtesy of Jacques Bouvier, (from Cornwall):


Take Hwy 401 west of Cornwall to exit 804. Proceed north past Summerstown
Station until you get to the stop sign just past the Raisin River bridge.

Turn right on Cty Rd 19 towards Williamstown. A couple of kms along, just
past the covered bridge (on your right) is 19,275 County Road 19, on the
north (left) side of the road. It is a blue house. The owner allows birders
to drive up the lane and check out his feeder on the north side of the
house. If the weather is lousy the owner will allow birders to walk up into
the 2 car garage, up the little set of steps into the sun room and look in
comfort from there. Please do not block the driveway.


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