[Ontbirds]Beamer Point Migrants

Giraud, Jacques jacques at giraud.com
Sun Mar 16 03:52:32 EDT 2008

I birded Beamer Point conversation area today watching migrating raptors
and a few other early migrants. Overall, there was 10 species of
raptors, red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture, coopers hawk, sharp-shinned
hawk, peregrine falcon, American kestrel, northern goshawk,
red-shouldered hawk, rough-legged hawk and a saw a single bald eagle.


The birds were generally very high due to the clear sky conditions.
Thanks to all the snow on the ground, all the birds were bottom lit
something which only occurs early in the season.


There is a gallery of raptors (and a hungry mockingbird) taken today at:




Good birding

Jacques Giraud


Beamer Point Conservation Area is located just outside of Grimsby,
Ontario. A map of the location can be found here:




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