[Ontbirds]Apr 6 - birding Quebec side near Ottawa

David Morin foxheadraven at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 12:59:51 EDT 2008


Took a spin around the Quebec side of the river to see hawks and did we
ever. At the Deschenes rapids Quebec side, we saw a lone Lesser Scaup, some
Bufflehead and Common Mergansers along with the usual Goldeneye and gull

Along Bailie Rd. we found our first of five Eastern Phoebes on the day,
along with the usual suspects.

In Luskville  we found 22 Rough-Legged Hawks, 4 Red-tailed Hawks, 7 Northern
Harriers, a Kestrel and a Northern Shrike. We also saw a Sandhill Crane fly
over, which makes me believe that it is one of the group that nests on
Calumet Island. We also saw our first Eastern Meadowlarks of the season.

at the Eardley-Masham road, while looking for the eagles we saw last week,
we spotted 2 more Red-tails plus numerous Turkey Vultures, still short of
the 42 we had last week, but still, large numbers. However we were quickly
distracted by the Snow Buntings and Evening Grosbeaks that started to sing
around us. With time running down, as we had other places to be this
afternoon, we took off without seeing any eagles.

Blitzing through the last part of our run, we did Steele line, which they
were grading at the same time, so for all those Ottawa-area birdwatchers who
intend to take a chance up on the Steele Line for eagles, this week and next
will be good for cars. Back to the birds, we saw only two more Red-tailed
Hawks, but we were no longer looking up, as we saw our first Eastern
Bluebirds and Tree Swallow for the year. In all, 52 species, not bad for a
rushed trip.

David Morin

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