[Ontbirds]Brighton Wetlands and Lagoon

Keith Lee keith.lee at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 7 17:23:40 EDT 2008

Access to the Brighton wetlands and lagoon is restricted to Authorized People and Town Employee's only without supervision until the pass system is set up.

Now that I have said that, please remember if you are seen in these two places when the BOSS'S OR COUNCIL members go by we could have a little kerfuffle(lol), please take extreme care so as not to ruin  what we have going.

As I have said I will meet you there with a little notice.
The reason for this notice is that some people have been in the wetland and it has been notice.

I can be reached at
keith.lee at sympatico.ca

Home # 613-475-0881
Cell  # 613-391-9142

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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