[Ontbirds]Ottawa/Gatineau 05May08... Arrivals, Migrants, and also Rusty Blackbird, Caspian Tern, Redhead

Gordon Pringle parula at magma.ca
Tue May 6 16:29:45 EDT 2008


* Ontario
* Ottawa/Gatineau
* 05 May 2008
* ONOT0805.05

- Birds mentioned

Snow Goose
Red-breasted Merganser
Red-throated Loon
Great Egret
Green Heron
Rough-legged Hawk
Virginia Rail
Solitary Sandpiper
Wilson's Phalarope
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Great Crested Flycatcher
Purple Martin
Tree Swallow
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Bank Swallow
Barn Swallow
Northern Mockingbird
Orange-crowned Warbler
Cape May Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Mourning Warbler
White-crowned Sparrow
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Baltimore Oriole
Evening Grosbeak

- Transcript

hotline: Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
date: 05 May 2008
Number: 613-860-9000
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coverage: Ottawa/Gatineau (Can. Nat. Capital Reg.), E.Ont., W.Que.
compiler & transcriber: Chris Lewis  hagenius at primus.ca
internet: Gordon Pringle  parula at magma.ca


This is Chris Lewis reporting.

More migrants continue to arrive, with a nice influx of songbirds this past
week.  Twelve species of warblers have now been reported in the
Ottawa-Gatineau area, with Orange-crowned, Cape May, Black-throated 
Blue, Black-throated Green and Mourning all new on the
weekend. The first reports of Great Crested Flycatcher, Rose-breasted
Grosbeak and Baltimore Oriole came in on May 3rd.  Large mixed flocks
of Purple Martins, Tree, Northern Rough-winged, Bank and Barn Swallows
have been reported almost daily since April 29th in a "feeding frenzy"
along the Ottawa River in the Britannia area, and White-crowned
Sparrows have been reported from various locations since the 29th.

Aside from the passerine migration.....

Recent visits to the eastern sewage lagoons at Casselman, Embrun and
St. Albert as well as other wet areas around our region revealed a fairly
good variety of common dabbling and diving ducks,  including 5 REDHEAD
at Embrun.  A male REDHEAD was also seen on the Ottawa
River east of the Britannia filtration plant from the 30th to the 2nd, and
single male Red-breasted Mergansers were at Remic rapids on the 30th,
and in the small pond on the west side of Moodie Dr. at Cambrian Rd. on
the 2nd.  A winter-plumaged Red-throated Loon was on the large quarry
pond along Moodie Dr. on the 29th, 2 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls
were nearby at the Trail Rd. landfill the same day and one was seen in
the fields near the landfill on the 2nd.

A Great Egret was seen in the town of Carp on the morning of the 4th, in
a flooded field along the Carp River off Donald B. Munro Rd. The first
local report of a Green Heron came from Britannia the same day, and
both Virginia Rail and Sora were first reported back on the 27th.  Ten of
the expected species of shorebirds have now been reported from our
area, with new arrivals being Solitary Sandpiper in a couple of different
locations on the 2nd and 4th, and Wilson's Phalaropes at both the
Embrun and St. Albert lagoons on the 2nd. A surprise was a rare (for
Ottawa) CASPIAN TERN, seen flying south down the Rideau Canal near
Dow's Lake at around noon on the 5th.

A couple of Snow Geese and a Rough-legged Hawk were still in the
Luskville area on the morning of the 4th, small numbers of RUSTY
BLACKBIRDS were still moving through as of the 3rd, and a flock of 25
Evening Grosbeaks was still present on Bradley Rd. at the base of the
Gatineau hills on the 4th.  Also of interest from the Quebec side were 2
Northern Mockingbirds at Aylmer and Bristol Rds. back on April 28th.

Thank you - Good Birding!

- End transcript

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