[Ontbirds]yellow billed cuckoo

Theresa McKenzie tmckenzi at aci.on.ca
Tue May 6 22:42:35 EDT 2008

 on Sunday at 6pm  while  watching  various  warblers on the oak ridges  moraine  trail  at  7th con   north  of  15 sideroad   we observed  for  10 minutes a  yellow billed cuckoo  that  was  right  on the  trail   about  1000 ft  on the south side  eating  tent caterpillars    we  did not have our  camera    so i  went back to the car   and  came back    my  wife  said I  just missed it   she said  it flew up the hill  so I went in that direction  and   at   the top of the hill there he was   sitting  at the top  of a buckthorn type tree  and  managed to  take  half  a dozen photos  .  direction  are  as follows    go through  concrete  barrier   and proceed   about  1000  ft    toward  Weston  rd       till you  get to  a  very large  rock   6ft  by 6ft     on the  left side on trail   on the right side  is  a large tree  that is decaying   with a branch  that  has a large finger  pointing up the hill  that faces south   good luck.  went back    tues night   did not see him   but did see   a ruffed grouse  sitting  in a tree  for three hours     looking  very territorial   he was still there when we left at  7pm good luck  glenn

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