[Ontbirds] Golden-winged warbler, scarlet tanager, orange-crowned highlights at Thickson's--Whitby--May 7/08; hummingbird at N.Pick. feeder

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Wed May 7 12:46:10 EDT 2008

A coolish overcast morning in Thickson's Woods was wonderful for walking about, listening for everything from warbler singing to excited cries from birders announcing a "good" bird to the movements of earthworms understorey!!

Although numbers of birds was low, and the tree leaves are filling in, there were some excellent sightings.  Let me list some of the bird species seen during the morning---  SCARLET  TANAGER, red-eyed vireo, blue-headed vireo, swamp sparrow, Lincoln's sparrow, Swainson's thrush, hermit thrush, wood thrush, veery, Baltimore oriole, and among the wood-warblers-- chestnut-sided, northern, parula, black-and-white, Cape May, ovenbird, GOLDEN-WINGED, ORANGE-CROWNED, palm, pine, yellow-rumped, black-throated blue, black-throated green, Nashville and Am.redstart. I do not believe the worm-eating warbler was noted--it had been seen in various parts of the woods for 4 days.

Thickson's Woods is at the south end of Thickson Rd. which can be accessed directly from the 401, in southeast Whitby.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby,ON

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