[Ontbirds]Tufted Duck in Sault Ste. Marie

robert.knudsen robert.knudsen at shaw.ca
Thu May 8 09:47:07 EDT 2008

Hi All,


I just returned from Bellevue Park and saw the Marbled Godwit. The group of
scaup that we have been passing by each visit has a Tufted Duck with them.
It is a basic male in spring breeding plumage with a very good pronounced
tuft. Photos have been taken, so I can provide if requested. The Western
Tanager was last seen at 9:30am in the same location on Topsail Island.


Bellevue Park is located at the foot of Lake St. on the St. Marys River in
the east end of Sault Ste. Marie, ON. From Hwy 17 east travel onto Trunk
Rd., then turn south on Lake St. to its end at the river.


Bob Knudsen

705 942-2127

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