[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to May 9, 2008

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri May 9 09:47:55 EDT 2008

It has been one of those weeks when an increase in the number of migrants
has had a marked effect on the amount of birding activity. Hence the number
of reports that I have to condense into some sort of an overview is a bit

Starting north of the city, there have been several reports from the
Chaffey's Lock, Opinicon Road area as well as the Queen's Biological
Station. Warblers mentioned included Cerulean, Golden-winged, N. Parula,
Blue-winged, Black-throated Blue, Am. Redstart and a Brewster's. Others
noted were Yellow-throated and Red-eyed Vireos, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager, Great Crested Flycatcher, and Wood
Thrush. In the same locale, a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a Solitary Sandpiper.
On the Canoe Lake Road the Louisiana Waterthrush was at its usual spot.

Closer to Lake Ontario, Parrott Bay had a good selection of warblers and
other colourful passerines; Pine, Blackburnian, Black-and-white,
Black-throated Blue, Ovenbird, Yellow and Yellow-rumped Warblers as well as
Purple Finch, Baltimore Oriole, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

The KFN has started their series of spring birdwalks at Little Cat and
Lemoine Point. These will run every Wednesday morning and evening for the
month of May. The first of these at Little Cat had an excellent selection of
warblers (11 Species) as well as Scarlet Tanager, and Least Flycatcher. The
adjacent marshlands had both Sora and Virginia Rail.

Other sightings in the area made the week even more interesting. There were
2 Great Egrets on Amherst Island last Saturday and another near Ivy Lea on
Sunday. The Amherstview sewage lagoon had 18 Black Terns and the first
Black-crowned Night Herons of the year were at Collin's Bay on Tuesday.
Wednesday produced a Marsh Wren at Elginburg, a Bank Swallow at Sunbury, and
a Clay-colored Sparrow at Odessa. Two hundred Brant flew over Camden East on
Tuesday and there were 3 Sandhill Cranes near Wilton on Thursday. There also
seems to be some Pine Siskin movement; 3 at QUBS on Tuesday, 1 at Elginburg
Wednesday and Thursday, and 5 at a Camden East feeder also on Thursday.

An activity that might be of interest to local birders is a bird banding
demonstration sponsored by the St. Lawrence Islands National Park near Ivy
Lea tomorrow Saturday May 10, 2008. It runs from 7:00 AM until noon. For
further information call (613) 923-5261.

Peter Good
Kingston Field Naturalists
613 378-6605

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