[Ontbirds]Brewster's,Worm-eating,Magnolia--highlight Thickson warblers--Whitby-May 9 08

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Fri May 9 12:47:16 EDT 2008

Perhaps there is more than one Worm-eating Warbler, OR he is a great woods traveler. Between 0830 and 0930 On May 9 birders were kept active as they followed the distinct song of the WEW from several areas. The bird is very actively feeding from dried oak leaves hanging from trees. The Thickson's Woods daily records book has reported this bird every day since May 4.

A highlight today, also seen and photographed yesterday, was the Golden-winged x Blue-winged hybrid "Brewster's" Warbler.

Among the other Warblers were: Tennessee, Nashville, N.Parula, Yellow, Chestnut-sided, Magnolia, Cape May, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Yellow-rumped, Blackburnian, Palm, Black-and-White, Am.Redstart and Ovenbird. I am unsure whether the Orange-crowned was seen.

Some of the other birds-- 2 male Indigo Buntings, Swainson's Thrush, Veery, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Philadelphia Vireo, Eastern Kingbird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Exit 401 at Thickson Rd. in Whitby, south toward the lakefront, turning east along the roadway that borders the pine woods.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby,ON

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