[Ontbirds]Hanlon's to Gibralter Point - Red-bellied Wdpkr

Marc Lichtenberg marclichtenberg at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 17:36:30 EDT 2008

A mix of early and mid-stream birds and basically one of each but great weather and black willows never look nicer. Which reminds me of a bizarre scene - there is a broken trunk of a willow with a goose nest atop and the front end of a dead raccoon hanging over the edge of the nest cavity -  don't mess with mother goose. 

Warblers: 3Yellow, 7Yellow-rump, 1Parula, 1Palm, 1CapeMay, 1 Orange-crown, 1Blk-thrBlu, 2Nashvil

PLUS of interest: mf Canvasback, Cooper's, Red-bellied Woodpkr, CLiff Swallow, Hermit Thr, Gnatcatcher, Bluebird, Towhee, Field Sparrow

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