[Ontbirds]Prothonotary at Bronte- still there

The Murrays murrbizdownunder at mac.com
Sat May 10 17:59:35 EDT 2008

I was able to locate the Prothonotary (as posted by Cheryl Edgecombe  
earler today) near the parking lot at Bronte Bluffs Park at 5 pm  
today. After a half hour search of the park and neighbourhood, it was  
feeding in a large Manitoba Maple on the edge of the hill overlooking  
the harbour and marina. It stayed in the same place for well over 20  
minutes and afforded good views. It did not sing.
It was in the same tree as a B&W and a Yellow Warbler. Having the 2  
close to one another was good as I have been "fooled" by Yellow before.
The Prothonotary the moved off in a new direction and was not refound.

Directions: QEW to Bronte Road, Bronte Rd S to Lakeshore, Lakeshore  
west, over the bridge to West River Road, south to the parking lot at  
Bronte Bluffs Park.

Rod Murray

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