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Sun May 11 23:08:07 EDT 2008

Rondeau Bird Report – Sunday May 11, 2008 - evening

Good evening birders.

The two American White Pelicans in the area have been seen flying over the marsh and South Point Trail.  The most reliable way to see them is to drive to the fishing dock in Erieau later in the day (see directions below).  These are presumably the same two birds seen here at about this date last year.

A total of 22 species of warblers was seen today, with most appearing in good numbers.  The highlight was a very water-logged Worm-eating seen by many observers on the Spicebush Trail.  Water-resistant birders reported a presumed pair of Prothonotarys and on Tulip Tree Trail and a single at the Pony Barn.  A male Hooded was also seen on Tulip Tree Trail, and our first Mourning was at the Pony Barn.

Other interesting sightings include a Peregrine Falcon and Yellow-throated Vireos at two locations.  Good number of Sedge Wrens have been reported from the Marsh Trail.

A large flock of shorebirds was noted in the Rondeau area May 10.  Observers saw 2 Marbled Godwits, 1,000 Black-bellied Plovers and some Ruddy Turnstones in the onion fields off Erieau Road (Chatham-Kent Road 12).

Good birding.

Steve LaForest
Friends of Rondeau Bird Guide
c/o Rondeau Visitor Centre (519) 674-1768

I will lead a guided bird hike twice daily May 3 to 19 (fee $5), as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 7:30 am & 1 pm; Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 am & 7 pm; Friday 7:30 am.  All of the 7:30 am and 1 pm hikes listed above will meet at the Visitor Centre.  The 7 pm hikes will meet at the entrance to the Marsh Trail.  A second hike on Friday at 1 pm will meet at the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons.  The Friends of Rondeau will provide a birders' brunch for a small donation (coffee, tea, bagels, soups & treats) daily from 7 - 11 am.


To reach Rondeau PP, take exit 101 from Highway 401 and drive South 16 km on Chatham Kent Road 15. Follow the signs to the park. The Bird Sightings Book, Bird Sightings Board and other relevant information are located at the Visitor Centre (open 7 am to 5 p m from May 3 - 19).  To reach the Centre from the park gate, travel 6 km South on Rondeau Road to Gardiner Ave. and follow it around the bend to the parking lot.

For the shorebird site near Erieau, from the entrance to Rondeau PP, drive north ~1 km to Kent Bridge Road (Chatham-Kent 15), turn left and go 4.8 km to Talbot Trail (Chatham-Kent Road 3, formerly called Hwy 3), turn left and go 15.9 km (through several twists and turns, and through Blenheim) to Erieau Road (Chatham-Kent Road 12), turn left and go ~7 km to McGeachy Pond C.A.  The birds were seen in the ploughed onion fields to the left of the road in this vicinity.

For the American White Pelican, from McGeachy Pond C.A. (see above), continue southeast on Erieau Road (Chatham-Kent 12) into the town of Erieau.  At Nichols Ave., turn ~~left and follow Kerr Ave. to the end of the road at the fishing boat docks.  Look north into Rondeau Bay and marsh.  Most sightings at this location have been late in the day.  I saw the birds there from 8:10 – 8:25 pm today.

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