[Ontbirds] New wave of little Gulls and 15 species of warblers Oshawa 2nd marsh/Darlington P.P.

Tyler Hoar thoar at rogers.com
Tue May 6 16:35:31 EDT 2008

Highlights Tuesday morning total: 114 species

A  movement of waterbirds on Lake Ontario (gulls, grebes, waterfowl, etc) 
this morning from the SE.

There has been a significant drop in Thrashers, Towhees and White-throated 
Sparrows overnight.

The Barrier Beach running along the south side of McLaughlin Bay(marsh just 
east of Second Marsh) has some ponding areas on the beach that are starting 
to attract shorebirds.

 The Warblers (other than Yellow and Yellow-rumped) were seen in 3 locations 
primarily( the grove of trees just south of the GM platform and in 
Darlington Provincial Park around the Park Store and campsite 211). The 
Yellow Warblers are now starting to builds nests.

Waterfowl: 19 Species including 2 Black, 7 Surf, and 34 White-winged 
Scoters, 3 Northern
Shoveler, 6 Common Goldeneyes, Redhead pair, Lesser Scaup pair, female 
Ring-necked Duck, 530+ Long-tailed
Ducks( in various plumages), 1262+ Red-breasted Mergansers.

Loons and Grebes:  22 Common Loons. 3 Pied-billed, 4 Red-necked Grebes and 1 
Horned Grebe

18 Little Gulls and 914 Bonaparte's Gulls foraging offshore. 6 of the Little 
Gulls came into the Second Marsh and did several Courtship flights before 
returning to join the foraging gulls offshore. Bonaparte's/Little Gulls were 
streaming in from the SE all morning.

2 Virginia Rail, 1 Sora, 5 Moorhens, and  2 Coots observed this morning. 1 
Virginia Rail was observed foraging within 4 feet of a Vocal Northern 
Waterthrush south of the GM platform.

 Raptors: 2 Species including 2 Northern Harrier that crossed the lake in 
the early morning and came ashore at Darlington shortly before 10am. Also 
the Resident Cooper's Hawk female caught a Blue Jay a short distance from 
its nest.

2 Great Horned Owl young appear to be ready to leave the nest any day.

Vireos and Wrens: Same species as yesterday. The Sedge Wren is still singing 
along the marsh trail between the GM platform and Cool Hollow

WARBLERS 15 species: , Nashville 5, Northern Parula 3, Chestnut-sided 1, 
Yellow-rumped 115, Black and White 4, Black-throated Blue 5 , Blackburnian 
Black-throated Green 9, Cape May 1, Pine 1, Palm 21, Yellow 41, Northern 
Waterthrush 1 , Ovenbird 1, and Common
Yellowthroat 2

Also seen Eastern Towhee, Brown Thrasher, Northern Mockingbird, Gray 
Catbird, Baltimore
and Orchard Oriole, Least Flycatcher, Scarlet Tanager, Bobolink and Purple 


Oshawa Second Marsh

Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit(419) in Oshawa. Go south on
Farewell St. Colonel Sam Drive. Turn East onto Colonel Sam Drive and follow
to the parking lot at the GM Headquarters. Park in the west parking lot
close to the marsh. The east (GM) platform is visible from the NW corner of
the lot.

For a trail map of the Oshawa Second Marsh area visit
 www.secondmarsh.com and check the link for a trail map of
the area

Darlington Provincial Park borders the east side Oshawa Second
Marsh/McLaughlin Bay Nature Reserve.

To access the campground and park store area from the east.Take the Courtice 
road exit from the 401 and follow the park signs. There is a small parking 
lot at the gatehouse. Park here and walk the trail to the south. This will 
take you into the campground area. The park store is just south of the main 
office past the main gate. 

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